The Emilia Reggio Curriculum

The Emilia Reggio Approach is an approach to Early Childhood Education that values how children explore and express themselves through art, language, physicality, experimentation, relationships, and other avenues of learning, communication, and expression. This approach believes that every child is unique — they learn and express interests in different ways. Thus, the need for a holistic kind of education.

The Emilia Reggio Approach focuses on the child’s natural development, and its philosophy utilizes child-centered and directed learning. The child’s natural sense of curiosity and their inherent potential can foster their love for learning, allowing them to succeed and follow their own educational path. SCRIBBLES ACADEMY is a preschool in Katy, Texas that uses the Emilia Reggio Curriculum. Our preschool follows the following Emilia Reggio principles:

  • We encourage children to express themselves by providing the means and opportunities to do so.
  • The teacher, parent, and child are collaborators in the learning process.
  • We see the child as an active participant in the learning process.
  • The environment is the third educator.
  • We make learning visible.

We Are TRS-Certified

Texas Rising Star (TSR) is a quality rating and improvement system for early childhood programs in Texas. All center-based and home-based childcare providers or programs that participate in Texas Rising Star are able to meet the higher quality standards than many other childcare providers.

SCRIBBLES ACADEMY is a TSR-certified provider. As a Texas Rising Star certified provider, we provide early childhood education that exceed the State’s minimum licensing standards for childcare facilities. We are capable of providing exceptional care, resources, support, and early childhood learning experience that prepares young learners for future and long-term success.

Do You Qualify for the NCI Daycare Program?

The NCI Daycare Programs (Neighborhood Centers Incorporated) provide financial assistance for qualifying families looking for quality and affordable childcare in Texas. This program aims to make quality childcare more accessible and enhance the early childhood education.

For more information about the requirements and how to get financial assistance with daycare costs, you may contact us at 281-578-1505 so we can help you.