Give Your Child Freedom Without Limit and Watch Them Learn and Discover

Reggio Emilia Philosophy offers an alternative that respects your child’s natural development. Our preschool’s program curriculum encourages the use of a wide variety of learning materials. Contact SCRIBBLES ACADEMY in Katy, TX today!

Specialized education to give your special darlings a bright future

The trained preschool program teachers at SCRIBBLES ACADEMY in Katy, TX specialize in Reggio Emilia approach in learning, allowing children to develop through independence and uninterrupted learning time.

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On-Site Activities Ensure Your Little Ones Get Well-Rounded Development and a Fun Outlet for Their Energy
  • Dance
  • Spanish
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Music
  • Computer
  • Science
Pre-K Class

In our pre-school program, we use the Reggio Emilia approach and are part of the TSR (Texas School Ready) program. This program is governed by the University of Texas Health Services. In this class, our goal is to prepare your child as they move into kindergarten in reading, math, thinking skills, self-help skills, and more.

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