How to Start Potty Training with Your Child

Navigating the journey of parenthood isn’t always easy, especially when potty training. We’re a reputable preschool in Katy, Texas, that understands that initiating this process can feel daunting. We’ll give you a few helpful strategies to make the experience a successful teamwork effort between you and your child.

First, knowing when to start is paramount. There’s no universal right age for potty training; some children are ready around 18 months, while others might be nearer to three years old. Tuning into your child’s cues is crucial here. Whether it’s their interest in the toilet, staying dry for longer periods, or disliking wearing diapers—these signals indicate that your toddler is primed for potty training. At Scribbles Academy, providing quality infant care in Texas, we believe in aligning our strategies with the unique developmental stages of each child.

Second, fostering a positive environment is key. Like all stages of early childhood in Texas, potty training should be a learning experience characterized by patience, understanding, and reassurance. Every accident is an opportunity to learn, not a cause for punishment. Don’t rush the process; instead, enable them to get better at recognizing and responding to their body’s urges.

Last, like all learning, make it fun. You could integrate potty training into your child’s extracurricular activities. A favorite book or toy exclusive to potty time could be a positive reinforcement. Ensure the transition feels less like a chore and more like a growing-up celebration!

At SCRIBBLES ACADEMY, we understand that every child’s journey is unique and are committed to providing support. We invite you to explore tips and connect with our community of experienced parents and educators to help guide you through these milestones.

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